Quanzhou Jingmei Science And Technology Co.,Ltd./Quanzhou Jingmei Machine Co., Ltd.
is a member of Santoni Shanghai

Jingmei Management Principles:

◇ Producing the best goods is our legatine.

◇ Meeting customer's requirement is our target.

◇ Forever continuous management is our tenet.

◇ Taking care of workers is our responsibility


Enterprise Cultures:

Down-to-earth, insist the spirits of "Gentleman should constantly strive to become stronger as nature move drivingly", and till silently. Not pursue for being the largest one, but for the best one. Jingmei comes late, but it grazes at further frontage sturdily and confidently. Hold together, win our way and innovate, Jingmei people don't worry about difficulties in front, they sincerely want to develope together with every friend cooperated or cooperating. Realize the beautiful dreams...