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Four Color / Six Color Auto Stripper Single Circular Knitting Machine, 4 color Auto Stripper with 1.9 feeders per diametrical inch, 6 color Auto Stripper with 1.6 feeders per diametrical inch.

Cam box design to receive up to 4 cam tracks on the cylinder.


Centralized stitch sytem.

Stand type stripper (actuator).

Computer Color Actuator System.

Diameters 30“ 32” 34“ 36” Gauge 12G -28G
Feeders 56 60 64 68 (Four Color) / 48 51 54 57 (Six Color) RPM 18-25 R.P.M
Standard Equipment Computer Color Actuator System. Feeding units special used for Auto Stripper. Automatic lubrication device. Yarn feed stop motion, needle break detectors. Take down system. Automatic cleaning device. Stand type yarn creel special used for Auto Stripper. Optional Equipment Lycra kit. Lycra feeding units. Lapping device. Yarn input measuring device. Circular knitting machine networking system.