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Aug 08, 2014
The series of《Good Employees》 Video training is ongoing….

 In order to enrich our life, more effective to make full use of the opportunity to learn, so that we can enhance the level of knowledge, Company organized the series of《Good Employees》video training for assembly group, testing group, cam box group and relevant departments. So far, the training has been to the sixth lesson. In the video, Mr. LinWeixian with its humorous language, a simple description of the auxiliary materials for expression explained what quality and consciousness they should have to be a good employee. Trained colleagues also listen carefully to Mr. Lin’s description and summation, receiving a good training effect.

NextWe share the main points ofGood EmployeesLesson 1-6 for all of you


Lesson 1Good employees turn the crisis into opportunities

1、Attitudes decide everything.

2、Active people are just like the sun, where it shines bright; Negative people are of the moon, kalends and fifteenth are not the same.

3、The difficulties in life, sometimes like sand, and it sends to you constantly. Learn to shake it down and trample it underfoot. Let it becomes an stepping stone. So difficult itself becomes an opportunity to exercise ourselves and turn crisis into opportunity.


Lesson 2Good employees are trusted by their bosses and also trust their boss.

1、All depression is the fact of the opportunity.

2、People’s life, not being accumulated assets or increase in liabilities.

3、Trust is the most important asset of the personality.

4、The employee's biggest asset: Be trusted by his boss and trust the boss.  The employee’s maximum liability: Not being trusted by his boss and don’t trust the boss.

5、To help the boss is to help yourself, accumulation ability never disappear.

6、To be a good employee has the opportunity to become a good boss.

7、Concentration is good than experts.


Lesson 3Good employees should work hard to enhance their own in order to meet the needs of enterprises

1、Four elements of happiness:①Contentment,②Gratitude,③Kind,④Tolerance。

2、There are three people:①People who change rapidly,②People who change slowly,③People who never change。

3、If the thing is going to change, I must change, from the attitude.

 4、Need the courage to admit their mistakes. Deny one’s error is the sin.

5、Good employees:①Don't be afraid to have me in,②Don't worry about me,③Speak out love and support,④Harmony and tolerance.

6、The most valuable employee’s characteristics:①Regardless of the past,②Do not groundless worry,③Develop stable emotion,④Never go to work for personal benefits,⑤Learning to enjoy the present life,⑥To overcome the desire that let others like you,⑦To overcome the desire that let others make deep impressions on you.

7、Thirteen cues for the most valuable employees:①Let the life of adventure,②Master your own life,③Always have the right for choice,④Know the process is the purpose,⑤Feel the taste of success before you succeed,⑥Don't let other people drag yourselves,⑦Change when you know the thing will be,⑧Know how to create opportunity,⑨Let money work for you,⑩Learn how to define the future,○11 Know how to make full use of the time,○12 Put the fear into wealth,○13 Know how to love.

8、The real key to success comes from sincerity.


Lesson 4Good employees are good at creating competitive advantage

1、Five steps for confidence:①Know yourself,②Accept yourself,③Sure yourself,④Like yourself,⑤Develop yourself.

2、Your SWOT analysis:





3、The sources of competitive advantage: to meet their own needs, practice the dreams of others, ability can not be replaced, the most popular trait.

4、Smart people see what others are doing, the wise see what others do.

5、We need the courage to admit our mistakes and dare to do so is a good employee.


Lesson 5Good employees are willing to cooperate with others

1、The key for cooperation:①Clear future,②Frequent communication,③Appropriate anger.

2、Masters needing attention on the work:①Don't be overly opinionated,②Don't be too easy to be expected,③Do not the pursuit of dramatic performance

3、The key for system:①Standardization,②Hi-tech,③Humanization.


Lesson 6Good employees are the best practitioners of company culture

1、The company's enforce regulations:Rule first, then reason, and last intercede.

2、Mission: to know the company's mission, to attract more people to approve,

Vision: to identity the vision stay, work hard to create the future,,

Culture: the soul of enterprise development, inside out,

Moral: the trust commitment of customers, the foundation of century enterprise. 

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